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SINOTRUK Wins the Second"China Charity Outstanding Contribution (Organization) Award

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At the recent 20th Anniversary Celebration of China Charity Federation, SINOTRUK won the Second “China Charity Outstanding Contribution (Organization) Award” of China Charity Federation. SINOTRUK has won the award for the second time since the First “China Charity Outstanding Contribution (Organization) Award” in 2008.

2019挂机国内网赚软件    Dedicated to making the corporation better and stronger, SINOTRUK sticks to the operation concept of “Human Orientation and Honest SINOTRUK”, volunteers to take the social responsibility, actively supports social welfare undertakings, and actively rewards the society。 During the five years from 2009 to 2013, SINOTRUK had successively donated RMB 36,650,000 in total to the Charity Federation at all levels, disabled persons foundations, and deprived workers。

    In addition, SINOTRUK has also received the 2014 Fucai Cup Shandong Charity Award for “the Most Caring Enterprise” granted by the Department of Civil Affairs of Shandong Province.

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