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Tel:+86 531 86429099

Fax:+86 531 85588167

Address:1-5 Commercial building, Changsheng Nan, Dongguan Avenue, Lixia District, Ji’nan, Shandong, China

About us


Founded in 2001,Shandong Sanwei Trade Co。,Ltd?is a group of companies?and a important exporter authorized by SINOTRUK and FAW. Headquartered in the riverside of beautiful Daming Lake, the company has environmental advantages.Its business scope include: international trade business, domestic sales, Binzhou sales and service business。 Owned subsidiary of the " Binzhou?Sanwei?Auto Trade Co。, Ltd。", "Binzhou Zhonghui?Logistics Limited", "FAW Light Truck Shandong Sanwei Sales Company ", "Binzhou City Wanquan Trading Company", "Shandong Zhonghui Auto?Trading Co。, Ltd。" "Cote d'Ivoire (Shandong Sanei) branch".


Located on bordering area of Binzhou-Zibo highway and 220 National Road ,?the company covers an area of 100 mu, and has advantageous geographical location. Also the company has 9,000 square meters of repair workshop, 800 square meters of parts warehouse , 4,000 square meters of parking and 3,500 square meters of comprehensive office building. The company Owns two large auto 4S shops for China FAW and China National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co.,Ltd , and also owns SHAANQI, HONGYAN, CAMC, FAW Bus stores.The company has built FAW has Binzhou accessories store, FAW Wuxi Diesel accessories stores, Weichai accessories stores.The company is the sales centers and store confluence of a number of Chinese and foreign manufacturers such as DEUTZ(Dalian) Engine agent, heavy truck parts center in northern Shandong, Shaanxi heavy truck, Shaanxi Fast, Chongqing pumps, Wuxi Weifu, BOSCH etc. .owning professional and brand advantage, The company can provide users with comprehensive, high standard one-stop service.


The company has a large number of experienced personnel in areas such as vehicle sales, service, engine repairing and maintenance services ,and has established a comprehensive, unique management system。the company implements a system of internal network management, maintenance services to implement 24 hours hotline service with more than 10 units of service vehicles 。 The company owns a dometic sales team of 30 people, there are more than 10 people have more than 10 years of experience in overseas ,and they can use English, Arabic, Spanish, Russian service customers in different countries and regions。 The company’s Existing service team has 90 people, 20 percent of them accepted college education , 17 percent are intermediate or senior technical staff , 90% or more of the maintenance staff accepted secondary education and pre-job training。In terms of technical equipment, The company is equipped?with?a high pressure pump test bench (15KW), line hanging, engine comprehensive performance test bed, electric lift, drilling, baking room, presses, air compressors and other equipment.establishing more than 20 technical service stations including automobile, engine, gearbox, fuel injection system,the company can provide medium and heavy trucks and commercial vehicles, construction machinery, generator set, boats machine?with professional services.


The company has been through the ISO2000 quality certification system which is China Road Transport Association, was awarded Binzhou "consumer satisfaction enterprises", Jinan "Credible Enterprise", Jinan "AAA corporate credit rating companies", Shandong" auto maintenance integrity enterprise" titles.

Adhering to the "customer first" philosophy and taking the market as the orientation, ?the company established a promotion system based on ?"vehicle business-oriented service marketing , the main brand stores for the support and maintenance and promotion system" . Has been fully recognized and trusted by all the partners and customers.


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